macOS Apps
macOS 10.14.x and greater
Copies the address of a contact from the address book to the clipboard and can export the address book to a CSV file
Start any application in different Languages and different region locales (for date- and number format)
Create 94 different barcode tsypes and can recognize 21 types. Export in graphics- or vector format
Manages your blood pressure measurements
Can convert 33 currencies
Calculate date difference, subtraction and addition in year, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds
Lists all files with filesize from the selected directory. The file list can be copied to the clipboard or open with TextEdit
Shows the key codes of any key
Manage all of your application licenses. For each entry you can add unlimited attachments (sales receipt, invoice, picture, etc.)
Add a pin on the map for 25 countries, cities or locations that you have visited. You can share this locations with your friends through AirDrop, mail, message (iMessage), Twitter and Facebook and Flickr.
Manage your coins
Manage your coins
Manage your coins
Manage your coins
Manage your coins
Manage your books, audio books, audio cassettes, comic collections and journals. For each entry a note and unlimited attachments can be added
Manage your coins
Digitize your whiskey collection with «Açana My Whiskey»
Show all network devices in the current network. You can copy all data to the clipboard, save as an Excel® file or share it with all available sharing services
Create easy and fast secure passwords
Generates a QRCode from any string or vCard file and save it as a PNG, EPS, SVG or vCard file
Generates a QR code from any string and save it as a PNG file in different sizes
Create screen captures
Find (almost) all zip codes worldwide
Manage your software releases, bug reports, feature requests and customers
Manage awarded things (car, Scooter, CDs, DvDs, books, etc.). Hold firmly to whom you give your things have and send a reminder via e-mail
More than 400 «Open Source Brewing Recipes» from «Brewdog PLC» with basic information, equipment list and brewing tips. With these recipes you can brew your own beer
Removed the macOS specific hidden files from external USB/Firewire drives
Manages contracts (insurance, lease, lease contract, etc.) of any kind. Including memory upon termination of the contract
925 curious place names from the DACH region and CZ
Manage all contacts and their details of your dating partner
Creates an imprint text with all necessary data for $ 5 TMG (German Telemedia Act)
Easily recognize text of scanned documents by text recognition. You can directly change the text that is recognized, or use the clipboard in other applications
Creates secure password that you can easily remember
This app created in the dock a menu of your selected programs. This means you always looking for a quick access to your favorite applications without long search in the Application folder ior LunchPad
Manage all insured valuables. Thus you have exercised in the event of damage detection of all insured items and can at your house insurance of real value
Manage your TAN banking list
Show the calendar week in the status line. get information about the beginning and end of the week. Get custom CW date information
Lists all application that are installed on your computer in the "/Applications" folder
Shows a variety of breweries around the world. It contains large also major breweries, groups and small local breweries. Your can easy add new breweries
Manage all your certificates digitally and also save them to an external data carrier. Thus, even in the event of a loss of your original documents, you still have the digital copies. You can also print out your school career for the CV
Manage the certificates of your family digitally. The same features like «My Certificates»
Manage your tools. With an overview of "what was awarded when and who" keep track
Select all countries you have already visited. This gives you an overview and statistics how many countries in the world have you visited. The application shows in the statistics the percentage of countries or pro percentage of the earth's surface you have already visited
Manage your fleet or the history of your vehicle (tricycle, bike, motorcycle, car, truck, boat, ship, etc.)
Manage your watches (watches, clocks, pocket watches, etc.)
Displays the current value of your wine collection. Enter minimum quantities in your wines, so you will automatically receive a message once it has been reached or exceeded
Determine the approximate weight of a Atlantic Giant Pumpkin. This method is also called over-the-top or just OTT
Encode e-mail addresses for HTML pages so that they can no longer be read by spam scripts or by a WebCrawler
You can add anything to «Warranty Manager» and build you own inventory database
You can add anything to «Warranty Manager» and build you own inventory database
You can add anything to «Warranty Manager» and build you own inventory database
You can add anything to «Warranty Manager» and build you own inventory database
You can add anything to «Warranty Manager» and build you own inventory database
Statement of all laundry care symbols (ISO and USA). Contains all current and all no longer valid symbols and their explanation and general tips for washing
You can add anything to «Warranty Manager» and build you own inventory database