Data protection in general
The issue of data security is an issue in the media daily. Every day new revelations of data abuse, data theft and hacking it. We assure you that the homepage of and any data by you, your computer or your Web browser collected or stored. The only exception is the contact form. There we need your email address so we can respond to your questions. One of disclosure to third parties is excluded.
Web Applications
The offered web applications here (eg Secure Mailto Converter, QR Code Generator, etc.), no data are also collected and not stored. One of disclosure to third parties is excluded.d
Applications for macOS® , Linux® or Windows®
The applications developed by us, doesn't identified or collected and saved data, that are not connected directly with the application. A transfer of any kind of data to third parties is also excluded. All application are offered by us are working without an internet connection. All data entered by you (in files, databases or configuration filess) will remain on your device (computer, iPhone, iPad, etc.). There is only one exception in the data generated by our software that you have remote or synchronized on cloud based network drives (iCloud, Dropbox, etc.). For this storage type and synchronization of your data is at your own responsibility.
For more information read the German page.